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Contract Manufacturing

As a dedicated private label manufacturer, we have a strict focus on quality in our operation

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Pharmaceutical (Pharma) industry is a set of public and private organizations that discover

Vitsky LTD
Vitsky’s rich history of brilliant experience, as a member of the Nutriland Groupin Europe, in the production of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products under private labels leaves no room for questioning the excellent quality that not only complies with the current standards but sometimes even breaks the boundaries of expectations. We have long been experts in the field of softgels and complex formulation production and hopefully, our dominance will last..
We can quench our clients’ desire for perfection with our state-of-the-art, customized, and exclusive solutions, sophisticated product ideas, and creatively in conjunction with a modern and versatile range of production facilities.
Since our foundation in 1996, We have put the concepts of ultra high quality, inexorable dedication, agile responsiveness, competence, proficiency, and excellence at the heart of Vitsky. Despite your unwavering support and trust in our softgel products, Vitsky is continuously working on new ideas and products to ensure a thriving, successful business for our clients.
Vitsky has been active under the Nutriland Group company since 2016, which is owned and operated by nutriland Co. Ltd.
Nutriland Group has been playing an active role in the pharmaceutical, health food, and cosmetic industries, putting twenty years of experience into good us since its foundation in 1993. The scope of the business activities of Vitsky and nutriland extend to more than 50 countries, with more than 50 employees and 660 square feet of production facilities.