About Us

Vitsky's rich history of brilliant experience, as a member of the Nutriland Groupin Europe, in the production of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products under private labels leaves no room for questioning the excellent quality that not only complies with the current standards but sometimes even breaks the boundaries of expectations. We have long been experts in the field of soft gels and complex formulation production and hopefully, our dominance will last..

We can quench our clients' desire for perfection with our state-of-the-art, customized, and exclusive solutions, sophisticated product ideas, and creatively in conjunction with a modern and versatile range of production facilities.

Since our foundation in 1996, We have put the concepts of ultra high quality, inexorable dedication, agile responsiveness, competence, proficiency, and excellence at the heart of Vitsky. Despite your unwavering support and trust in our softgel products, Vitsky is continuously working on new ideas and products to ensure a thriving, successful business for our clients.

Vitsky has been active under the Nutriland Group company since 2016, which is owned and operated by nutriland Co. Ltd.

Nutriland Group has been playing an active role in the pharmaceutical, health food, and cosmetic industries, putting twenty years of experience into good us since its foundation in 1993. The scope of the business activities of Vitsky and nutriland extend to more than 50 countries, with more than 15 employees and 660 square feet of production facilities.


It was 1981 when Vitsky Nutrition began its outstanding adventure as a fully privately-owned company to produce, market, sell, and distribute pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, veterinary APIs, and chemicals. Now, Vitsky Nutrition is among the top five selling European companies, with one of the most authentic manufacturing facilities and marketing headquarters in Europe. Vitsky has received praise from Europe for its attempts to facilitate and maintain access to essential medicine. Furthermore, partners have also admired Vitsky's performance and smooth operations.

At its best days, Vitsky harbored five branches under its name that paved the way for the emergence of one of the most prestigious pharmaceutical holdings whose companies were totally private.

as one of the subsidiaries of Vitsky Co, Vitsky Nutrition Inc. is committed to providing the medical professionals, clinicians, and nationwide hospitals with registration and marketing of pharmaceuticals.

We have been actively and dedicatedly meeting the needs of our nations concerning medicines since day one, committed to allowing for optimally meeting the nation's pharmaceutical needs at affordable costs, which has been our main motto in all our actions.

Over the past few years, we have relied on two main guiding principles on this bumpy road. First, success is not achievable unless every single of our members in our teams does well reflected in our model of alignment.

Second, we strongly believe that we should lay the foundations of our perspective in evidence, not opinions.

These eliminating principles have helped us deal with our customers' critical challenges and find creative, working solutions to them. Despite our indispensable attempts to enhance the benefits of our business, in the last couple of years, there is much work that needs to be done. We need to improve the use of less costly pharmaceuticals, improve quality outcomes, and make more investment in development programs. We are optimistic that we will overcome such challenges in the future, just like we always have to obtain the best results.


Vision Statement
As a responsible team, we aim to allow our company to thrive both profitably and ethically through innovation and operational excellence.

Our company boasts its integrity, sense of responsibility, and its emphasis on the improvement of our products. With this vision, we work to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers by our high-quality, economical products fabricated in world-class facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.

Just like ever, we are more than willing to share with others the rewards of our tireless efforts.

Core Values
Our company believes in every single one of our employees and their ability to give us the edge and make the difference in the way not only customers but people regard us as a bad or good company. This company urges innovation, inventiveness, creative vision, improvisation, and the spirit of teamwork. We have faith in our vision that, as a team, we can do magic, liberate our abilities and talents, and break the boundaries. We are ever more keen to explore new products, markets, and territories. We strongly believe that our real power is not our facilities or equipment, but the dedication and the pride of our people.

All our employees are committed to keeping the highest ethical values and acting in favor of abiding by and defending the procedures and regulations set to guarantee the quality of drug products.

Every single employee is dedicated to building a long-run, enduring relationship with the customers by doing their utmost to commit to ensuring that the provided products and services are both high-quality and economical and will secure growth, prosperity, thriving, and understanding.

Safety and the effectiveness of products are what every employee is committed to, in addition to ensuring that both internal and external customers are provided with authentic information and service.

Employees are resilient to work in a group and hold each other’s backs to help Sheffield in stepping into the future and accomplish its defined aims and missions.

All Employees are gifted with the ‘we can’ attitude that depicts itself in employees’ incredible use of creativity to eke solutions out of problems. The ‘we can’ attitude is in the company’s soul, cherishes at all levels, present in all fields of operation within the company.

Every single employee is devoted and committed to working to improve and encourage all the uninterrupted efforts the outcome of which will be the enhancement of processes, products, services, and the workplace within the company.