ADeKids Vitamin Drop contains two essential Vitamins (A and D).
This product prevents vitamins deficiency and helps your baby to grow normally and stay healthy.

Advantages of ADeKids Vitamin Drop are:

Contributes to the growth and development of the skeleton.
Provides potential benefits of Vitamin D for mental health and the nervous system in children.
Helps the provision of the Vitamins A and D for children.
Helps the strength of the immune system.
Helps teeth be healthy.
Helps vision to improves.

In addition, ADeKids Vitamin Drop contains substances such as:

Vitamin A (1500 IU/ml Retinol = 450 µg/ml Vitamin A) is a fat-soluble vitamin. The vital biological roles of Vitamin A compounds include normal cell growth, cell differentiation, vision and immunology.
Vitamin D3 (600 IU/ml Cholecalciferol = 15 µg/ml Vitamin D3) (calciferol) is a fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin D plays an important role in bone evolution and muscle function. Facilitating the absorption of calcium from the intestines, it is essential for bone formation and development. It prevents rickets in the infant, bone loss and other specific tissue problems. Vitamin D levels are low in breastfeeding mothers, so the intake is essential for neonates.

How to Use:
Follow the instructions directed by the doctor; take 25 drops equivalent to one milliliter (a full dropper) every day. ADeKids drops can be given with food and drink.

Do not give ADeKids to your child:
If they are allergic (hypersensitive) to Vitamins A and D and any of the ingredients of ADeKids vitamin drop.
If your child is receiving more than 500 ml of infant formula per day.
If your child has a high level of Vitamin A and D in their blood (Hypervitaminosis)
If your child has a Hypercalcemia or Hypercalciuria.
Please consult with a doctor or pharmacist before taking ADeKids Vitamin drop:
If your child has kidney disease
If you are giving your child other supplements containing Vitamins A or D.

Pregnancy and Breast-feeding
This product is for children. If you are pregnant and intend to use this product, you should not use it because high levels of Vitamin A during pregnancy can cause birth defects.