SKYVISION®, a special formula with a high potency of lutein, is designed to support eye health. With age, the body's natural reserves of vital carotenoids decrease; lutein helps sustain this essential carotenoid in the body.
SKYVISION® protects eyes from high energy blue-light that can cause oxidative stress and potential free radical damage to eyes. It also promotes increases in macular pigment density, an antioxidant that supports eye and vision health and helps prevent the development and progression of age-related eye diseases, such as retinal degeneration, dry eyes, and the development of cataracts.

The function of vitamins in the SKYVISION® Supplement

Lutein and zeaxanthin are the main pigments in the macula of the human retina and play an important role in protecting the eyes from exposure to harmful blue light from the sun and digital devices, removing free radicals, and preventing or reducing the development of eye-related diseases. and improves eyesight.
Vitamin A is essential for good vision. It is a component of the protein rhodopsin, which allows the eye to see in low-light conditions. Vitamin A also supports the function of the cornea, which is the protective outer layer of the eye.
Vitamin E has particularly powerful antioxidant properties.
Vitamin C plays an important role in the eye itself, protecting against UV light damage. While the concentration of vitamin C in the eyes lessens with age, diet and supplementation can counteract this.
Chromium helps maintain balanced intraocular pressure in the eyes.
Selenium is the crucial element in regulating oxidative stress in the cornea.
Zinc is essential for eye health and overall health.

Advantages of SKYVISION® are:
Ø - Maintains eye health
Ø - Improves eye function
Ø - helps to delay the occurrence or progress of eye disorders such as cataracts
Ø - Protects eye against stressful factors and harmful UV rays

Recommended consumption:
Follow the instructions directed by your doctor; if possible, take one tablet with your meal every day. Not to be taken on an empty stomach. Keep out of the reach of children. For adults.

Protect from heat and direct light exposure. Dietary supplements cannot replace diverse and balanced diets, which are integral in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

Allergy advice:
If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the DailyFresh® supplement, speak to your doctor or pharmacist before taking the DailyFresh® supplement.

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding:
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, think you may be pregnant, or are planning to have a baby, ask your doctor for advice before taking this Supplement.