VitaKIDS Syrup

VitaKIDS Syrup is an ideal food supplement to provide babies and children with some of the most important nutrients needed on a daily basis. Vitamins and Minerals are important for the growth, development and function of the body.

VitaKIDS Syrup provides you with essential Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements in an easy and enjoyable way.
VitaKIDS Syrup may contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and help maintain a healthy fitness and normal growth.

VitaKIDS Syrup has Propolis and Royal Jelly. Propolis and Royal Jelly, two important honeybee products, have been used commonly all over the world as traditional and ethnopharmacological nutrients since ancient times.
Propolis: Propolis is a honey-related product with reported health benefits such as improved immunity, treated allergies and skin conditions. Propolis exerts anti-microbial and anti-oxidative activities. This activity helps decrease getting diseases such as cold, flu, otitis media, sore throat.
Royal jelly: Royal jelly is a super food and a natural stimulant and rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids, and essential nutrients. Royal Jelly increases the development of cartilage tissue due to its high collagen content, strengthening bone and tooth structure because of its calcium and selenium amount, also protecting blood cells, heart and liver tissues as well as showing strengthening effects on the muscles and nervous system due to the presence of potassium.

Vitamins present in VitaKIDS Syrup:
B-Vitamins: Increase the daily energy levels and help maintain a healthy and active mind.
Vitamin A: Helps maintain a healthy skin and good eye sight.
Vitamin D: Important for the growth and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.
Vitamin E: Helps protect cells from damage and negative influences of the sun.
Vitamin C: Improves wound healing and maintenance of healthy immune system.

Minerals present in VitaKIDS Syrup:
Selenium: plays an essential role in oxidative damage protection.
Zinc: It is essential for the growth and development of human health

Allergy advice:
For allergens, see ingredients in bold on the base of the box.

Dosage of VitaKIDS Syrup:
2-12 years old Children: 1 Teaspoon (5 ml) daily
12 years old and older Children: 1-2 Teaspoon (5 ml-10 ml) daily